Wiring Carpenters Estate - Agreement on PR


 1. Purpose

 To ensure that the PR efforts of the organisations involved in this project co-ordinate their PR efforts to achieve maximum effect and minimum misunderstanding.


 2. Participants in agreement

This agreement covers the PR activites of Nelson Bostock (acting on behalf of Mase and NeosNetworks), Newham Council and the Department for Education and Employment in as far as they relate to this project.


 3. Agreement

 a. If any participant plans to issue a press release it will use reasonable endeavours to provide a copy of the final version to the other parties at least a week in advance so that mistakes can be avoided. In circumstances where this proves not possible a draft will be circulated a week in advance and the final version will be circulated as soon as possible thereafter but in any event prior to its release.


b. If any participant plans to issue a press release that specifically refers to one of the other participants the press release should be cleared by that participant.


c. Should any participant wish to offer 'exclusive' information to selected journalists then they will liaise with other participants in advance.


d. Major PR events

If any participant intends to hold a major publicity event, particularly where this might include Ministers or local MPs, they will notify the other participants at least 6 weeks in advance.


e. PR planning

The participants agree to share with the other participants any PR plans that they draw up in relation to this project.


f. PR by associated organisations

Wherever a participant is in touch with another organisation that is considering using the PR opportunities offered by this project they will encourage it to become a party to this agreement.


g. Election

The participants recognise that the DfEE wishes to avoid PR in relation to the project until after the election and undertake to avoid PR activity in relation to the project in this period.


4. Status of agreement

It is agreed that nothing in this agreement shall be legally  binding or enforceable in any way by any party and compliance is simply a matter of keeping good faith with the other participants.


5. Notifications

Any notification made under this agreement will be by eMail to the individuals as follows:-


Newham Council - Ian Tompkins - ian.tompkins@newham.gov.uk

DfEE - Helen Kaczmarek - helen.kaczmarek@dfee.gov.uk  

Microsoft � Jim Levi - jimlevi@microsoft.com

Nelson Bostock - Sarah Griffiths - sarah.griffiths@nelsonbostock.com


and will be copied to :-


Project Manager - Richard Steel - richard.steel.newham.gov.uk

Project Co-ordinator - Richard Stubbs - richard.stubbs@newham.net

Manager of Carpenters TMO - Linda Salim - linda.salim@newham.gov.uk








Agreed by all parties 25th May 2001