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Item added Date
Newham Wins Labour Party Innovation Award for Social Inclusion 1st Feb 2002
Next Steps for UK Broadband 26th Oct 2001
Social Inclusion and ICT 25th Oct. 2001
Newham Community Learning Grid Update 21st July 2001
ACES Invest to Save bid 29th June 2001
Wired up Communities (presentation) 25th May 2001
Steering Group minutes 13th Nov '00 19th May 2001
A proposal for a borough strategy 4th May 2001
Evaluation of Newham Online 6th April 2001
Wiring Carpenters Estate - Project Web Site  3rd April 2001
Wiring Carpenters Estate(presentation) 2nd April 2001
SmartCard Invest to Save Bid 6th March 2001
Delivering  services online 6th March 2001
Newham Council's ICT in the Community Strategy Group Web site 6th March 2001
East London knowledge project 12th. Jan 2001
Carpenters Road Wired Communities Bid 30th Nov 2000
TruE-Vote European RTD bid 6th Nov. 2000
New Strategy section added to site 28th Oct 2000 search engine incorporated into site 28th Oct 2000
Update on Newham Extranet 9th Oct 2000
Introductory DkTV briefing 9th Oct 2000
Update on Gateway site 5th Oct 2000
Steering Group minutes - March '00 12th April '00
Projects List 18th. March '00

Newham Online Annual Report '99

28th Feb '00

Joined-up learning environments

9th. Dec '99
Steering Group minutes & reports - Aug '99 3rd Sept '99
Logos being considered for 11th Apr '99
Affordable Broadband Connectivity 25th Mar '99
Creative Networking in Newham 25th Mar '99
Enhancing Communication 25th. March '99
Access to Bandwidth Consultation response 20th Mar '99
Newham Council report re membership of Newham Online Sept. '97 20th Mar '99
A search engine for Newham Online 20th Mar '99
Steering Group minutes & reports - Mar '99 20th. Mar '99
To Infinity and Beyond 14th. Mar '99
Steering Group minutes - Jan '99 14th Feb '99
New Deal project 14th. Feb. '99
The Dome Legacy 14th. Feb. '99
Network audit 11th. Jan '99
Promoting Newham Online 11th. Jan '99
Online Democracy 8th. Dec.. '98
Rules & guidance for discussion 29th. Nov '98
Developing an IT vision in partnership 26th. Nov '98
Newham Creative Network Development Site 26th. Nov '98
Mockup of Newham Gateway 26th Nov '98
Newham Learning Grid Development site 31st. Oct '98
Steering Group minutes - Sept '98 15th Oct '98

LBN IT Excellence Award

9th Oct. '98
Newham Online News - July '98 23rd Jul '98
Slipway ERDF bid 28th June '98
Final ERDF bid for Newham Gateway & Extranet 14th. June '98
Steering Group minutes 15th. May '98 17th. May '98
Steering Group at work 16th May '98
Library - Policy section 10th Apr. '98
Minutes of 2nd April Board Meeting 10th Apr. '98
Newham Online as an ISP presentation 2nd. Apr. '98
Newham Online News - April '98 29th. Mar '98
List of network applications 22nd Mar '98
List of network software 22nd Mar '98
Steering Group minutes 16th. Mar '98 22nd. Mar '98
New Steering Group members area 19th. Mar '98
Online commerce article 13th. Mar '98
Steering Group Minutes19th. Feb '98

23rd Feb '98

Feedback on work and site 16th. Feb '98

Library - Presentation section

15th. Feb '98